Commercial & Residential Land Division Surveys

What is a Boundary Survey?

Also known as a re-peg, a boundary survey is the re-establishment of the original pegs on a property, so that that the owner can confirm the true location of the boundaries.

A Boundary or Identification Survey locates exactly where your property boundaries are. This survey provides legal boundary locations using historical information from the Land Titles Office (LTO).

Boundary Surveys are routinely performed by Land Surveyors for builders prior to construction of new or additional buildings.
They are also important to help settle disputes with neighbours, if there are concerns over potential loss of land through fences being in the wrong place.

For industries such as town planning, construction and property development, the services of a land surveyor is vital. Surveyors are responsible for determining the boundaries of blocks of land, which then determines everything from where roads can be built to where commercial and residential buildings can be constructed.

Reliable Surveys will prepare and lodge the initial land division application and liaise with the various statutory and local government authorities to get all the necessary approvals for the land division.

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